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Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Election systems aren't perfect. They need to be monitored. Problems need to be reported, corrected.

But like many tasks today, there are too few hands for the job. And the job is getting more and more complex.

You can help.

First, report any problem you encounter—during campaigning, voter registration, balloting, or any other time.

Second, publish your report widely. This not only alerts fellow voters to immediate pitfalls, it helps build a database for revamping the system.

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P. S. Please don't vote before election day! To find out why, click here.
Low Tech Voting Gets "Thumbs Up"


Low-Tech Voting Gets "Thumbs Up"

Chicago--With elections approaching, the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project (IBIP) has this advice for voters:

1) Vote in person, not by mail.

2) Vote on election day, not earlier.

3) Vote on a paper ballot, not on a touch-screen voting machine.

"These three steps will help protect your ballot from loss, damage, and alteration," says IBIP Director of Technology, Roy Lipscomb. "The longer the delay between the casting of a ballot and the counting of a ballot, the greater the chance of mishaps."

This risk is not abated by election-day voting on touch-screen voting machines. The tenuous reliability of such machines has led to their being banned by Florida, California, and other states--plus countries like Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

To compensate, such machines are now commonly required to back up their digitized votes by printing a paper copy. But this remedy falls short.

* Only a small percentage of votes ever get audited (usually 5% or less),   so it's rare that paper copies ever get consulted.

* Most voters do not verify the paper copy of their votes.

* Many paper copies turn out to be defective.

* Even if the paper copy exactly matches the digital copy,
  both may be spurious.

"Protect your votes from going AWOL," says Lipscomb. "Vote in person, on election day--and with a paper ballot."

The Illinois Ballot Integrity Project is a non-partisan grassroots organization pushing for election systems that are fully transparent, accurate, and verified. Their homepage is http://ballot-integrity.org

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Telephone Hotlines


312/269-7956 Chicago Board of Elections
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312/269-7870 Chicago Board of Elections
(Investigations on Election Day, November 6)

773/674-6783 (before election day) Cook County State's Attorney
Karyn Stratton
Election Fraud Unit

312/603-7960 (on election day) Cook County State's Attorney
Karyn Stratton
Election Fraud Unit

Suburban Cook County
312/603-0906 Suburban Cook County Board of Elections
   For English-speaking operator, press 1 then 8.
   For Spanish-speaking operator, press 2 then 8.

773/674-6783 (before election day) Cook County State's Attorney
Karyn Stratton
Election Fraud Unit

312/603-7960 (on election day) Cook County State's Attorney
Karyn Stratton
Election Fraud Unit

DuPage County
(630) 407-5600 DuPage County Elections Office

(630) 407-8000 DuPage County State's Attorney

Lake County

(847) 377-2328 Lake County Elections Hotline

(847) 377-2000 Lake County State's Attorney

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Reports and Comments


Illinois Ballot Integrity Project said...

Now open for reports and comments, November 2, 2012

Illinois Ballot Integrity Project said...

Problems with Early Voting: DUPAGE COUNTY

Problem: Election Judge, David Bast allowed unauthorized person in poll and to touch election materials repeatedly
Pollwatcher: Melisa Urda
Location: Early Voting Naperville
400 S. Eagle St., Meeting Room A
Naperville, IL 60540
County: DuPage
Date: Saturday November 4, 2012
Time: 11:30 AM
Election Judge: David Bast

Election Judge / Clerk David Bast allowed an unauthorized person in the poll of Early Voting. This unauthorized person was also combing through election material—the early voter applications—reading the names off to Judge David Bast.

The person in question was not an election judge, a member of the Election Commission, nor did she have a pollwatcher credential.

The unauthorized person was asked by the pollwatcher if she was an election judge or if she was a pollwatcher. She said no. Pollwatcher asked if she was a member of the Election Commission. She said no. When Election Judge / Clerk David Bast was asked by the pollwatcher if this woman was an election judge or a pollwatcher he replied no. This conversation was also witnessed by several judges at the sign-in table.

Judge David Bast was told by the pollwatcher that the woman was unauthorized to be present in the poll and was asked by the pollwatcher that she leave. She then left the poll.

Clearly, allowing an unauthorized person in the poll, and allowing them to touch election materials are violations of the Illinois election code as follows:

(10 ILCS 5/17-23) (from Ch. 46, par. 17-23)
Pollwatchers “shall not, in any event, be permitted to handle election materials.

(10 ILCS 5/7-34) (Excerpt from Ch. 46, par. 7-34)

Representatives of an election authority, with regard to an election under its jurisdiction, the State Board of Elections, and law enforcement agencies, including but not limited to a United States Attorney, a State's attorney, the Attorney General, and a State, county, or local police department, in the performance of their official election duties, shall be permitted at all times to enter and remain in the polling place. Upon entering the polling place, such representatives shall display their official credentials or other identification to the judges of election. Uniformed police officers assigned to polling place duty shall follow all lawful instructions of the judges of election.

10 ILCS 5/7-34) (from Ch. 46, par. 7-34) CREDENTIALS
“Pollwatchers must present their credentials to the Judges” of Election upon entering the polling place. Pollwatcher credentials properly executed and signed shall be proof of the qualifications of the pollwatcher authorized thereby.

Such credentials are retained by the Judges and returned to the Election Authority at the end of the day of election with the other election materials. Once a pollwatcher has surrendered a valid credential, he/she may leave and reenter the polling place provided that such continuing action does not disrupt the conduct of the election.

Illinois Ballot Integrity Project said...

6:15 am Carol Stream, Bloomingdale 9 Voting District. Both the ballot scanner and the touch-screen voting machine are non-functional.

Illinois Ballot Integrity Project said...

6:45 am Naperville, Cress Creek Country Club, Pcts 10, 16, and 22

First 30 - 40 voters were not asked to sign ballot application blank. Judges eventually were informed of their error. Asked what they will do with those voters' ballots, the judges said they "would take care of it."

Dr. Lora Chamberlain said...

The elections in Chicago were a zoo yesterday, I was in 20+ precincts in ward 46 on the north side of Chicago and the precinct polling place changes and consolidations were causing mayhem. At least 8-10 voters per precinct were showing up to the polls, with their new voter registration cards, with the correct address of the polling place and they were not on the voter rolls, nor on the supplemental sheets. So they were given provisional ballots and told to contact the Chicago Board of Elections the next day. I called the legal dept of the Chicago Board and they admitted that voters had been somehow dropped from the rolls all over the city. I begged them to figure out a way to make sure these provisional ballots were counted correctly. In an average election there are usually 4-5 provisional ballots per precinct but at the end of night, yesterday, every precinct that I went to had 15-20 provisional ballots. I notified the Press and the Attorney General's office.

There was also mayhem in the polls because people could not find their correct polling place, all over the 46th ward, voters were being sent to 2-3 polling places to figure out where they should actually vote. I encountered at least 5-10 voters like this per precinct as I toured around. The ChicagoElections.com site was down from 6pm on Nov 5th until 12-1pm, Nov 6th, the Chicago Board of Elections phone numbers were inaccessible on Election Day till approximately noon and even 1-866-OUR VOTE was busy until around noon.

So if you do the math, with 2500 precincts, there might have been an approximate 25,000 voters who were dropped from the rolls and another 20,000 voters who were sent from polling place to polling place. Arghhhhh!

Way to go Chicago Board of Elections, if you wanted a chaotic election, then you got exactly what you wanted!

Also at around 11:45am an Chicago Police Officer came up to me as I was helping voters find their precincts on the ma in a 4 precinct polling place in Truman College in Ward 46, this officer told me there was some kind of disturbance, he would not tell me what the disturbance was, took my ID and walked over to one of the Election Judges, all of which I had been having a good relationship with, asked for my credentials and then proceeded to tell me that I was to stand against the wall approximately 50 feet from the polling place.

Several Election Judges attempted to speak up in my favor and he silenced them all and I took back my license and left. I called the Chicago Police Dept filed a complaint and the Attorney General's office on this officer, he was way out of his line of duty. I suspect that he was called by a security guard from Truman College, who I had asked to take down Pres. Obama's picture, which was in the middle of the polling place and a subtle form of electioneering. This security guard did comply with my very nice request but was arguing with me constantly about this, I told him that if Obama himself came up to the polling place he could not go in and that he could put up the lovely picture of the President at the end of the day. But he was very mad and I suspect that he called the Officer and asked him to harass me, so I am going to continue my reporting of this officer for his harassment. One of the Election Judges told me later that he was ready to eject the officer but did not know quite how to do it, knowing that he needed a full vote of the election judges to get it done. But the Chicago Police Dept. needs to know that they can't just come in and throw their weight around the polling places.

Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Neal Resnikoff said...

Posted on a neighborhood list that covers Jefferson Park--

Just a heads up if you’re voting at Farnsworth Elementary. They have decided to separate the precincts by tables this year (in years past they were lumped together at one table), and it’s causing some confusion.

When you enter the gym you will see three separate voting areas. They are not labeled clearly.

Precinct 38 is at the far South wall.
Precinct 37 is in the middle.
Precinct 39 is by the entrance.

My neighbor attempted to vote this morning and spoke to the precinct table by the door (39). They couldn’t find his name (he was at the wrong table) and told him his voting location must be somewhere else. They did not explain the new layout, or direct him to another table. They simply told him he couldn’t vote at Farnsworth.

Tom W. said...

47th Ward:

For some reason I'm no longer on the voting records (and I guess a lot of other voters) despite having lived at the same location for years! I walked into my polling place, and of course, there's no record!! TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!

info@tenthdems.org said...

The problems were rampant at polling places throughout the 10th Congressional District:

* Aggressive Republican poll watchers in Democratic areas contesting legitimate voters,

* Baseless challenges over acceptable forms of voter identification,

* Poorly trained election judges making wrong decisions and creating unnecessarily long lines,

* Numerous voters directed to the wrong polling place.

The Lake County Clerk’s office not only permitted this behavior, but also made things worse by attempting to enforce a “policy” to issue provisional ballots to anyone who previously requested an absentee ballot, even though Illinois law demands that any voter who can produce the absentee ballot at the polling place so that it can be “spoiled” is entitled to cast a regular election-day ballot.

Willian J Fleming said...

FAX 1-773-360-3422

November 10. 2012

To: Illinois Ballot Integrity Project

As a poll watcher on November 6, I was very surprised on observing two very risky election procedures:

First, all votes were placed at the risk of loss or manipulation. The technical judge placed the memory cards from the e-machine and the scanner into a plastic bag to be transported by car to County headquarters. I asked her twice why the bag was not sealed. The first time she said it would be sealed. The second time she said that it would not be sealed.

Second, I noticed that a form signed by all election judges requires them to place all of their full social security numbers on a single page form. Why does the Board of Elections place each judge at this personal risk of identity theft?

William J. Fleming
141 Notth Julian Street
Naperville, IL 60540
DuPage County, Lisle Precinct 88, Vote Center # 91


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